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Excellent platformer starring tons of cats


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Super Cat Tales 2 is a 2D platformer that follows up onthe excellent Super Cat Bros. Once again, join forces to help a group of cats on an epic adventure. Plus now you can play with new cats with special new powers.

In terms of its controllers, Super Cat Tales 2 is practically identical to the original--which was already perfect. By pressing the sides of your screen you make your cat move towards that direction. Then whenever you tap quickly, you make your little kitty run as fast as it can. Jumping is as easy as running to the edge of a platform.

Throughout the more than one hundred levels that make up Super Cat Tales 2 you can play as up to eight different cats. As was the case in the first game, each of the cats has their own unique abilities, necessary in order to overcome certain areas of a level or to pick up one fo the hidden bells.

Super Cat Tales 2 is an outstanding platformer with a perfect control scheme for smartphones and tables plus beautiful visuals -- and a bright, cheerful soundtrack. This time the sequel is just as good as its original: Super Cat Bros.
By Erika Okumura
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Android 4.1 or higher required

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